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The easy-to-use electronic signature

Collect signatures in a simple and seamless way.
Save time, paper and money, all of these with legal validity.

Collect signatures in a simple and seamless way. Save time, paper and money, all of these with legal validity.

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Chat with your users and make the electronic signature process via WhatsApp using ZapSign
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Perfect for anyone using messaging apps

It's very simple

Clients access your link.

And sign with their finger.

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    Compatible with WhatsApp, email, SMS, Telegram or any other communication channel.

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    75% of sales are made within the first 72 hours of contact.

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    No need for printers and couriers.

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Legally binding electronic signature

The electronic signature has legal validity in practically every country and regions in the world, for instance US, EU and Latin America.

ZapSign captures various signer authentication data in addition to the on-screen signature, such as the signer's IP, date and time, phone, email, unique code and device, browser, and operating system information. In addition, the integrity of the document is ensured by the SHA256 algorithm, a cryptographic hash function created by the NSA, which identifies if any type of change is made to the original document, in addition to the final document being digitally certified by ZapSign with an A1 ICP certificate.

The electronic signature of online documents can be used in practically all private documents such as contracts, powers of attorney (common and judicial), proposals, agreements, loans and registrations, among others.

How it works

  1. Upload the document

    1. Upload the document

    You upload the PDF document for electronic signature.

  2. Share the link

    2. Share the link

    By WhatsApp, SMS, email or any other channel that your customer prefers.

  3. Wait for the signature

    3. Wait for the signature

    You will be notified by email when the person signs the document.

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API integration

If you need automation, check out our electronic signature API,
a fast and flexible way to integrate ZapSign into your systems.

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