zapsign electronic signature
Sign with Ease and Security

Signature Experience

Provide a smooth and secure signing experience for your clients and partners. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and highly secure.

Mobile Experience

Sign documents on mobile devices with an optimized interface, ensuring ease of use and accessibility anywhere.

Signing Order

Define the necessary signing sequence, ensuring that each document follows the correct flow and minimizing procedural errors.

Strengthen Your Brand

Personalize documents with your company's visual identity, including logos, colors, and specific fonts to reinforce your brand.

Intuitive Interface

Provide simple and efficient navigation, with customizable dashboards and quick access to key features.

White Label

Completely customize the platform with your brand, removing any mention of ZapSign and offering a fully integrated experience for your clients.

zapsign electronic signature
electronic signature security
Security and Compliance Guaranteed

Security and Compliance

Protect your documents and comply with security standards and regulations. ZapSign ensures that your transactions are secure and legally valid.

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Country-Specific Compliance

Comply with the specific regulations of your country. ZapSign is compliant with standards like ICP Brasil, NOM-151, ensuring that your electronic signature meets local legal requirements.

Certified Timestamp

Stamped by a trusted TSP, providing a reliable date and time for each transaction, offering solid legal evidence and ensuring document immutability.

ISO27001 Certification

This certification reinforces our commitment to privacy and information confidentiality, providing peace of mind and confidence to our clients.

Trust Center

Signer Validation

Ensure the authenticity of the signer with robust identity validation processes. Make sure each signature comes from a trusted source and meets the strictest security standards.

Signature Report

Get a report with vital information such as the document hash, signature dates, and signer data, reinforcing authenticity and traceability.

Secure Storage on AWS

Store your documents securely, ensuring confidentiality and controlled accessibility for your electronic files.

zapsign integration
Automate and Integrate with Ease

Automation and Integrations

Optimize your processes with our automation solutions and integrations. Connect ZapSign with your favorite tools and take your productivity to the next level.

API Integration

Integrate electronic signature directly into your applications through our API, providing a seamlessly integrated signing experience. Ideal for resellers and those looking to offer a white-label signature solution.

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No-Code Connectors

Integrate ZapSign with your favorite applications through connectors like Zapier, Integromat, and Pluga. Completely automate your business processes, hiring, among others.

HubSpot CRM

Don't use two platforms, create, send, and manage documents directly from HubSpot. Simplify your workflow by integrating ZapSign, allowing you to perform all your actions from the CRM.

Marketplace HubSpot

Reusable Templates

The first step in automating document creation with predefined templates, where you can change the document text with signer information.

zapsign integration
document e signature
Total Control of Your Documents

Document Tracking and Management

Maintain total control over your documents with our advanced management features.

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Email or WhatsApp Reminders

Receive automatic reminders via email and WhatsApp for pending actions, ensuring that all tasks are completed on time.

Real-Time Audit

Check the integrity and compliance of documents in real-time, with detailed audit logs and complete traceability.

Document Observers

Allow third parties to view documents without the need for signature, facilitating review and collaboration.

Document Organization

Store and categorize documents with tags, folders, and advanced filters, making search and efficient management easier.

User and Document Reports

Monitor document usage and activity by user, obtaining detailed insights into who viewed, signed, and when.

electronic signature management
Manage with Confidence

Administration and Controls

Optimize your processes with our automation solutions and integrations. Connect ZapSign with your favorite tools and take your productivity to the next level.

User Permissions

Control document access based on user profiles, configuring detailed permissions and different access levels.

SSO Login

Simplify access with Single Sign-On, allowing users to log in with their corporate credentials for a streamlined login experience.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication, protecting your documents against unauthorized access and increasing security.

Customize with Your Brand

Adapt the platform to your company's visual identity, including logos, colors, and fonts, providing a personalized and professional experience.

electronic signature management
electronic signature templates
Maximize Your Efficiency


Optimize your company's workflows so your team can create and send documents, and clients can sign them efficiently and hassle-free.

Send via WhatsApp

Share documents directly through WhatsApp, providing a quick and convenient way to obtain signatures on mobile devices.

Reusable Templates

Create and reuse document templates with predefined fields, ensuring standardization and saving time with each send.

Bulk Sending

Send documents to multiple recipients at once, using contact lists and segmentation for specific campaigns


Automate repetitive tasks such as signature reminders and completion notifications by integrating with tools like Zapier for greater efficiency.

Power Forms

Collect signatures and information through customized forms, with options for real-time data validation.

Batch Signing

Sign multiple documents simultaneously using digital authentication and timestamps to ensure document integrity.

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